Do you sell your quilts?

Do you sell your quilts? I get this question a lot, especially from my friends and family that aren't quilters. I never know quite what to say, how to give an answer that won't turn into a soapbox, or how to wrap up my response in a neat little package. Because even though the question … Continue reading Do you sell your quilts?


Henry Glass Desire to Inspire Challenge

I love a good challenge. My life in the past two years has been full of plenty of challenges, but not all of them were good. House disasters, health disasters, my life has seemed to be a series of catastrophes, one after another. My friends will tell you I met those challenges with poise and … Continue reading Henry Glass Desire to Inspire Challenge

First Finish

I know I'm in good company when I mention I have an overabundance of unfinished objects (UFOs) or works in progress (WIPs). I tend to start each year with really lofty goals of finishing them all and organizing my entire sewing room, along with losing weight, running marathons, and solving all the world's problems. Amazingly … Continue reading First Finish